6 ScrumDoctor Services

1. Scruminar  

2. Referee Scruminar  

3. Scrum Training Session  

4. Scrum Analysis  

5. Scrum Video Series  

6. Scrum Consultancy Service

ScrumDoctor – Peter Bracken – Specialised Rugby Scrum Consultant – Performance and Safety


If you or your club want to win more games by having the most dominant and safest scrum in your competition contact me, before your opposition do!!


ScrumDoctor Scrum Consultancy Services


  • Scrum Consultancy: Aim is to build a Scrum Culture at your club and turn every teams scrum in your club into the safest, most powerful, most dominant and destructive scrum in your competitions.
  • Scruminar: (“Scrum Seminar”) – Full 1-Day Rugby Scrum Coaching Course – Coaching the Coaches (and players – Aim is to build a “Scrum Culture” within an entire club and to increase the scrum knowledge, skills and attributes of every player and coach at your club.
  • Referee Scruminar: Full 1-Day Scrum Seminar dedicated to and specifically designed for referees – It will improve your scrum refereeing ability dramatically – spot less obvious infringements – gain insights into player mentality, learn player tricks to try and fool referees, referee scrum checklist etc.
  • Scrum Training Session: on site practical scrum training in clubs/ schools – Get your team and players scrummaging better and safer.
  • Scrum Video Series: A 12-part scrum video series – How to build a dominant scrum. Clear, simple, step by step guide. Latest top techniques demonstrated by top players.
  • Scrum Analysis – send me your teams scrum footage, I will analysis it and send you back a detailed feedback presentation. Specific analysis and feedback for your team and players. Improves your scrum and your players scrummaging ability.


Performance Benefits

  • The SCRUMINAR is the only specific rugby scrum coaching course in the world which builds a Scrum Culture and Scrum Legacy within an entire club.
  • Rugby clubs: will gain up to 6 certified rugby scrum coaches after each Scruminar
  • Coaches: will gain the knowledge, skills, tips and techniques of a world leading scrum coach. I will impart my 32 years of scrum knowledge to all coaches and players. Coaches will gain the advantage and confidence to coach the scrum in a safe and effective manner capable of dominating all opposition
  • Players will receive the latest, up to date, expert knowledge, skill and feedback to reach their scrummaging potential.
  • Clubs/Schools/Teams: If your opposition teams are employing my services, your team will have scrum troubles. You will be at a massive disadvantage. Your rugby team cannot afford to have a weak scrum. The ScrumDoctor services will turn a weak scrum into a strong, powerful, dominant scrum.
  • More WINS: your team will be able to use the scrum as a weapon to produce better quality ball, score more try’s, and win more games.
  • More success = more fans, more new members, more money.
  • Referee Scruminar will make life easier for all referees, no matter what level you are officiating at as it will be easier to deal with players and managers after attending this course.


Safety Benefits

  • Injury prevention: players are at risk from serious injury (catastrophic or otherwise) by not having proper scrum technique and scrum coaching.
  • Lowering Risk: Employing my ScrumDoctor services will lower these injury risks considerably
  • Save money = Would less risk of scrum injuries result in lower insurance premiums?
  • Scrum Risks: If you are a parent concerned about how your child is coached at scrum time, please mention my services to your club representatives.


ScrumDoctor – Peter Bracken – Biography

I am a former Ireland International, Barbarians representative player and European Cup winner.

I was a professional rugby player playing Tighthead Prop for Munster, Connacht, Wasps, Bristol, Harlequins, Newport Gwent Dragons, and l’USC Carcassonne.

I’m now working as a Professional Rugby Scrum Consultant and an IRFU Elite Scrum Coach.

I am a 6 nations grand slam winning scrum coach to the Ireland women’s team 2013 and Women’s world cup 4th place 2014.

I’ve learned my scrum knowledge from playing in the front row at the highest level and being coached by some of the best scrum coaches in world rugby.

I collaborate and knowledge share with the best rugby scrum coaches in the world on a regular basis.


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