Dylan Hartley – Blade boots

Dylan Hartley (England rugby captain and front rower) is wearing blade boots


Blade boots are worse than useless for scrummaging.

Dylan Hartley, an international hooker, front row player and captain of his country wearing boots that are detrimental and counter productive to his scrummaging and personal performance is unbelievable.


Eddie Jones is always looking for the 1%’s. Eddie, this is not a 1%er, it is up to a 40%er. Dylan, most probably unknowingly, is wearing blade boots which will give him approximately 40% less scrummaging power than a pair of old fashioned studded boots.

Scrummaging power comes from the contact with the ground and the amount of force you can exert onto the ground. Bladed boots give you far less contact with the ground and because of an increased likely hood of slipping in blade boots, he is not going to be able to exert as much force into the ground  as if he wore studded boots. The England scrum was under pressure on a few occasions V Scotland last weekend and wearing these boots did not help this situation.

I do not know why Dylan chose these boots but I do advise him to change them to studded boots for his benefit and for the benefit of his team. Dylan is an excellent scrummager. He is passionate about the scrum. He wants to win. He absolutely needs to chaDylan-Hartley-Scrum-Doctor-England-rugby-rhinonge his boots.


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