Best Scrum Machine Ever!!

Looking forward to teaming up with Silver Fern Sports on their Ireland and UK tour

In late August/September 2016.

If you want a FREE scrum coaching session please contact me on the contact page of this website

Check out this link to see the Silver Fern Sports new, patented, innovative pneumatic scrum machine in action


Silver Fern Scrum Machine 1


  • This new, patented, innovative rugby scrum machine is the best around.
  • I highly recommend it.
  • It is the closest replication of a live scrum you can get.
  • It does everything- It moves on 4 planes
  • It moves 1. in and out,  2. up and down, 3. side to side, 4. right and left side move independently
  • It hods pressure
  • It pushes back – pressure can be adjusted
  • It measures force
  • It makes strengths and weakness stand out – inefficiencies are obvious to the coach which does not happen on other machines.


  1. Ryan Gilbert

    We would be very interested in a free scrummage training session,this machine looks awesome and this session would be so beneficial to us to see our strengths and weaknesses as a team and club

    • Peter Bracken

      Hi Ryan, I can organise to get to you guys. Is the club in the market for a machine? The free demo is to demonstrate the machine, there is not much coaching involved but we can set up a proper scrum coaching session and/or SCRUMINAR (scrum coaching course for coaches) if the club was interested in such.
      Kind regards,

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