Constructive conflict, Positivity, Challenging team members

Constructive conflict is a must in a highly effective team. Every member should be able to give and receive honest constructive feedback to any member of the group. This feedback needs to be intended to help the Team/individual. If any other intension is the motivation for this feedback then it should not be given. Team members have to be able to take constructive feedback on board without getting upset. Getting pissed off does not achieve anything and wastes time and energy. The feedback may not be correct and this can be pointed out but if the intent was to help improvement in giving the feedback then it has to be given and no offence taken. Not saying what needs to be said or not highlighting an issue should be seen as a missed opportunity to develop and should not occur.

Positivity is key to a Good Team environment and high performance. Negativity should not be tolerated. All Team members need to be happy in all aspects of their lives to perform at their best. This is not always possible but it should be the aim. Team members should be supported fully by everyone else and by the club/company. Team members should be thanked for their positive contribution.

Team members should be constantly challenged. Team members should be constantly operating slightly out of their comfort zone. Team members should be “comfortable being uncomfortable”.

Disagreement should be settled quickly and no grudges held afterwards.

Everyone has to be treated equally no matter what their position is in the Team (leader, management, personnel, janitor, intern). If not, friction and bitterness evolves.

Face to face interaction is always better in a team than any other way. It builds rapport, trust and relationships. Talk to a team mate/co-worker first if possible before any other form of communication.

High Performing Teams need:

Solutions not Blame


Thanks and recognition

No-one left-out

Accomplishments acknowledged

No more weight given to one person over another for the same accomplishment

Treatment of everyone equally.

Ability to take constructive criticism.

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