Consultancy Scrum Coaching

Increase the scrum knowledge, skills and attributes of every player and coach at your club and turn every teams scrum in your club into the safest, most powerful, most dominant and destructive scrum in your competitions.

Aimed at: Professional Rugby Teams, semi-pro teams, rugby academies, summer camps, tours, touring teams, all rugby events etc.

Some Benefits of Scrum Consultancy

  • Alliance: with a world class scrum consultant, coach, teacher and mentor.
  • World class Consultant – Ex-Ireland and Barbarians international player/prop – Peter Bracken
  • 6 Nations Grand Slam winning scrum coach
  • Elite-IRFU qualified scrum coach, mentor and tutor
  • Team: Your team will have a massive scrum advantage over your opponents. Your team will be able to use the scrum as a weapon.
  • You will gain a scrum capable of destroying every scrum in your division in a safe way.
  • Coaches: will gain the knowledge, skills, tips and techniques of a world leading scrum coach
  • I will impart my 32 years of scrum knowledge to all coaches and players in your club
  • Coaches will gain the confidence to coach the scrum in a safe and effective manner
  • If you are a quality coach with an ambitious club, I can give you an advantage over other coaches by providing, world class scrum knowledge, expertise and mentoring to get your scrum dominating all opposition
  • Scrum Coaching certificate: At the end of the one-day Scruminar each participating coach will gain a scrum coaching certificate
  • More WINS: A team using the ScrumDoctor Consultancy Service will gain a much improved scrum which will produce better quality ball which will result in more try’s, more wins, more trophies and increased revenue.
  • Safety: Your players may be at risk from serious injury by not having proper scrum coaching.
  • Your club may be liable for these injuries. This can be prevented with the services of a top class scrum coach
  • Clubs have a duty of care to their players – are clubs truly providing this care if they are not providing quality scrum coaching from qualified coaches or worse still not providing any scrum coaching or providing inadequate scrum coaching. My scrum consultancy solves this problem.
  • Protection: Are clubs open to legal challenges if they do not provide quality scrum coaching and a player gets injured as a result of a scrummage accident? It is only a matter of time before a club is brought before the courts for such an incident. The ScrumDoctor Scruminar provides clubs with extra assurances against legal action.
  • Performance – Players will receive the latest, up to date, expert knowledge and skills to dominate all scrum opposition
  • Players will receive all of the above along with personal scrummaging feedback. It is a fantastic opportunity for an ambitious player.
  • If your opposition teams are employing my services, your team will have scrum troubles. You will be at a massive disadvantage. Your rugby team cannot afford to have a weak scrum. This can be prevented by using my services.
  • Successful teams are now benefiting enormously from my Scrum Consultancy. So will your team.

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