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Obviously, the more sessions (both in-person coaching clinics and analysis sessions) you do in the season the better the results. Ideally, 4 in-person coaching clinics and a full complement of 30 game analysis sessions will return the maximum improvement.

Because every scrum is different. Every opposition is different. You will learn something new after every analysis session. New problems will need to be fixed after every game. You and your team will build a huge scrum knowledge and skill base over an entire season.

A coach can gain all the knowledge and skills of a world class scrum coach while working with the ScrumDoctor. If a coach or a coaches club signs up for a full season analysis package the coach will gain the knowledge to be world class scrum coach. It is a fantastic opportunity for an ambitious coach.

No, that is entirely up to the coach. If he/she is investing in their professional development and for whatever reason would prefer if his/her club did not know, that is not a problem. We can present the feedback solely to the coach without the ScrumDoctor label involved and the coach can present it as his/her own analysis. We actually have a number of coach clients who avail of this confidentiality.

A player can gain all the knowledge and skills of a world class front rower while working with the ScrumDoctor. If a player or a players club signs up for a full season analysis package the player will gain the knowledge and skills to be world class scrummager. It is a fantastic opportunity for an ambitious player.

A club will WIN more games by using the ScrumDoctor services. The club can gain all the knowledge and skills of a world class scrum coach while working with the ScrumDoctor. If a club signs up for a full season analysis package, the club, its coaches and its players will gain the knowledge and skills to dominate all their opposition scrums. It will increase the number of solid scrums the clubs teams can produce. It will increase the number of opposition scrums all the clubs teams will demolish. The club can use the knowledge and skills gained from the ScrumDoctor services and roll it out to every team, player and coach in the club. Although the feedback presentation will be of one teams scrum, most probably the 1st senior team but we recommend the presentations are sent to all teams, coaches and players in the club for entire club knowledge sharing. It is a fantastic opportunity for an ambitious coach.

Yes, we will need to discuss the logistics and price in each clubs case. Contact me to arrange.

The cost of the combination package is the sum of the cost of the scrum analysis package you sign up for plus the cost of the number of Scrum Coaching sessions you sign up for minus 10% Discount. i.e., [Analysis + Coaching – 10% discount]

Yes, the club can send as many videos as they like of as many of their different teams as they want. The cost of the analysis is per video.

So for example, if a team send one video of one team this week, the club will be charged for one video presentation. If the same club sends two videos of two different teams the next week they will be charged for two video presentations. So, if a club signs up for a 30 game package they can send game scrum videos of whatever games/teams they choose up to a maximum of 30 videos. Quite a few clubs do it this way as each of their teams get scrum presentations throughout the year.

An example of a club we worked with last year, during the season they sent us 12 videos of their men’s 1st team, 6 videos of their Women’s 1st team, 4 videos of their boys U18’s team, 4 videos of their girls U18 team, 2 videos of their boys U16 team and 2 videos of their girls U15 team. 30 videos in total and we fed back 30 detailed presentations.

No. You must use the number of scrum analysis feedback presentations you signed up for during that playing season. Unused presentations cannot be carried forward to the next season.

No, we will analysis one game at a time for quality reasons. Without this you cannot see the progression from one game to the next which is very important. Also, it is natural for a team to repeat certain mistakes game after game and these mistakes need to be irradiated and to do that we need the continuity for game by game.

Yes, absolutely. I coached Women’s rugby at all levels (underage, school, senior, international level).

Yes, absolutely. I coach rugby at all levels (underage, school, senior, interprovincial, international level).

You video the scrums during your games.

a.) A side-on angle is best.

b.) Focus the camera into a close up of each scrum. I need to see the entire scrum, i.e., from your no.8’s feet to the feet of the opposition no.8.

c.) I need to see both sides of your scrum, this is easily done, the videographer simply stays on the same side of the pitch for both halves so they get footage of one side of the scrum in the 1st half and footage of the other side of the scrum in the 2nd half.

d.) Time-wise, I need to see from when the referee awards the scrum until the ball has left the no.9’s hands at the end of a scrum.

e.) I recommend the videographer to travel along the touch line during the match so as to be in a position which is in line with the side of the scrum each time. This is not always possible with a camera on a tri-pod. Smart phones and hand held cameras are good for this purpose but the quality of a camera mounted on a frame such as a tripod is best. In other words if you are using a hand held camera it has to be held really still for best effect. As with all video camera work, shaking kills quality video.

f.) don’t get overly concerned as I can work with almost all quality of camera work.

g.)It’s preferable if you have a video of only the scrums but if that’s not possible, can you have the time-lines of the start of each scrum marked/indicated on the video so I can go straight to the scrums). (eg, if scrum number 4 starts at 16mins14sec can you mark 16mins 14sec or write a list of the scrum start times.)

h.) Mark/list every scrum start time, your scrums and opposition scrums)

We can work with any type of video file.

NO. Absolutely not. Confidentiality is of up most importance to us. Each team will have its own secure video member’s area/account which only they can access.

Most clubs have a volunteer with knowledge in this area that do this for free as a member of the rugby club.

If needed we can provide some services in this area.

There are a variety of ways clubs are funding the services. Some current examples are (a) through direct payment from the clubs accounts, (b) through club benefactors who know the value of a dominant scrum to their clubs teams (c) through a collection from the players, we find that clubs find it easy to get a small contribution from its player participants as they know how it will help them and increase their success.

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