DCU scrum session-THE SCRUM DOCTOR

THE SCRUM DOCTOR – DCU scrum session – Men’s team.

A few video clips of the DCU scrum session. Working on core strength, stability and scrum set-up.

DCU scrum session – 1 v 1 scrummaging. This exercise works on improving core scrummaging strength. This exercise is actually more diffficult than scrummaging as part of a pack of 8 forwards. This is because in a full scrum you can rely on the other 7 members of your pack. On 1 v 1 scrummaging you can’t rely on anyone else. It is all you, keeping your scrum posture , form and stability.

1 v 1 scrummaging is an extremely important drill as it works on scrum posture, stability and core strength.

This drill is the basis of all scrummaging. I use it in every session.

It is a more difficult drill than full 8 man scrummaging because in a full scrum you have 7 other pack members to rely on. In one on one scrummaging you onlty have yourself to rely on. It work every scrum stability muscle there is. Because you have to control your whole body and posture yourself, this exercise actually activates more muscles than you might need in an 8 person scrum while overloading the stability muscles and making them work harder.

It also makes you keep your scrum body shape better because it forces you into a good position because if you don’t have a good scrum position you will just collapse.

Try it, it works.

Ps, it is paramount that you keep the players hips, back and shoulder plane parallel to the ground. If hips are higher than the head the players won’t be able to hold each other up. This is why this drill is so good to try and perfect that parallel to the ground scrum posture.

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