Healthy players (physically and mentally) / Work on your strengths!!!

Teams need to be physically and mentally happy and healthy

Each team member needs to eat healthy and exercise to perform best in all aspects of life.

Teams should have a coach to help them holistically in their whole life as well as their work life. Peer coaching in a high performance team is a must. Who knows your strengths, weakness and blind spots better than your team mate? Regular feedback from upper, lower and same level colleagues is a must in a team. Any sort of honest, constructive 360 type feedback is very valuable in a team.

Team strengths and weaknesses should be recognised and continually improved. The 1%er’s, the things that teams do to make the team better and different from the competition are very important and are worth doing but what is more important is doing the big %er’s really, really well and often. Teams need to spend most of their time on the things that make a big difference and spend time on the extra %ers if it’s possible. Sport team example, doing ice baths after training is important and will give you some small benefit. Lifting weights in the gym will give you more benefit than the ice baths. If you can do both, that’s great and the ideal scenario but if it’s not possible to do both, just lift the weights. A team should work on its strengths not just its weaknesses. Your strengths are what makes you different as a team and what sets you apart. Mohammed Ali’s main strength was his speed; he worked a lot on his speed!!! As well as all other areas.

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