Jaguars scrum dominates super rugby

Jaguars take the Scrum seriously


Argentina take the scrum seriously

Key points

  • All Argentinian teams take the scrum seriously
  • Argentinians love scrummaging
  • The Jaguars love scrummaging
  • They use the scrum as a weapon to dominate the opposition phyically and mentally.
  • They use the scrum to win penalties
  • They use the scrum to disrupt the opposition ball
  • All Argentinian team at all levels of the game put a great deal of time and effort in to the scrum
  • Argentinian teams have excellent scrum coaches at all levels
  • The scrum has been the best part of Argentinian rugby forever
  • Argentinians have the correct mentally to scrummage
  • The Jaguars/Argentina rightly, really want to scrummage and not just use it merely as a restart.
  • They know the scrum is not just a means to restart a rugby game, they know it is the essence of the game



Credit to Andrew Joachim for analysis

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