LiveScrum scrum machine – best scrum machine ever! FREE DEMO at your club!

Video link to new, innovative LiveScrum scrum machine:


Silver Fern Scrum Machine 1


From the coaches using it we have had nothing but positive feedback for the LiveScrum scrum machine.

“Christchurch Boys High purchased LiveScrum at the start of the season, it has provided many benefits to our schools rugby program. It has helped the 1st XV to have a dominant scrum, it provides and all weather training facility and most importantly it is providing all of our teams an excellent environment to learn to scrummage effectively and safely. We would recommend Live Scrum to all Schools and Clubs, except for the schools we play against……..


“In the short amount of time we have for scrum practice we are getting massive gains thanks the machine.”  This is from Mark Wilson who is coach of one of Aucklands Premier College 1st xv teams.


YouTube video –


NZ TV video –


Those in the know have said the following:

  • The Blues Super Rugby Franchise have endorsed the LiveScrum machine
  • Nick White, Blues set piece coach said it would be the only machine he would use
  • Geoff Moon Auckland NPC scrum coach and top school 1stXV coach said it totally hit the spot with teaching people to scrummage under the new laws and he loved it.
  • John Swalger Ex All Black prop has advised his club to purchase one
  • We are just negotiating endorsements from, Auckland NPC and North Harbour NPC and Counties NPC.


Why LiveScrum instead of a Sled.

  • Creates Live Scrum environment, Pushes back and creates instability. It tells a real story of who is working hard and scrummaging well.
  • Quickly change between 1,2,3, or 8 Players. Great if certain parts of the scrum need work
  • Can be used by the youngest scrummages or the best international packs 1 machine for the entire club.
  • It replaces the need for a senior sled, junior sled, and single man sled.
  • Creates a safe environment to train in.
  • Measurable, you can see who is working and creating pressure.
  • It can stored in the gear shed. It fits in the back of a Mazda 3 and takes minutes to break down.



Individual scrum / ruck sled video –

Scrum Sled image –

Please call for more information or to organise a FREE demonstration at you club

T: ++353 860566806



One Comment

  1. Adam Roy

    Love that it can be easily transported as it raises the possibility of taking it to away fixtures and using for practice before the game.
    I have a couple of questions:
    In reality how big a space does it take up when dismantled for travel, does it require rear seats in average sized car to be collapsed?
    How easy is it to dismantle/reassemble for your average person who may not be familiar with it?
    Kind Regards

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