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Silver Fern Sport


Here at Silver Fern Sport we take our responsibility to the Silver Fern and all it embodies very seriously.

Our goal , just like the real silver fern, is to be a guiding force in helping people from Elite Athletes to Weekend warriors to get the most out of their Sport and fitness.

Our Sports and training equipment is “for the toughest of playgrounds” Fight Sports, Boxing, Fitness, Rugby, Rugby league, Gymnastics and Netball are not activities for the faint hearted.


Prague Rugby Tour

✓ 3 nights with breakfast (Central)

✓ Round airport transfer

✓ Friday meet & greet , 2 hours ULTD beer

✓ Round pitch transfer

✓ Tournament entry fee Including lunch

✓ 24 assistance and tour guide

Use the code “TheScrumDoctor” and get 100 beers for free!

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