Referee Scruminar

Full 1-Day Scrum Seminar dedicated to and specifically designed for referees. The only specific referee scrum coaching course in the world

Some Benefits of the SCRUMINARS

  • The referee Scruminar will improve your scrum refereeing ability dramatically.
  • It is the only specific referee scrum coaching course in the world
  • The Scruminar will make life easier for all referees, no matter what level you are officiating at.
  • It will be easier to deal with players and managers if they know you have attended this course.
  • You will learn – what the less obvious infringements at scrum time are, how to spot these infringements, player mentality, player tricks to try and fool referees, referee scrum checklist
  • World class trainer –      Ex-Ireland and Barbarians international player/prop – Peter Bracken
  • 6 Nations Grand Slam winning scrum coach
  • Elite-IRFU qualified scrum coach, mentor and tutor
  • Referees will gain the knowledge, skills, tips and techniques of a world leading scrum coach
  • I will impart my 32 years of scrum knowledge to all referees involved in the day
  • At the end of the one-day seminar referees will have a unique scrum coaching qualification
  • Referees will gain increased confidence to ref the scrum in a safe and effective manner
  • Safety: Obviously one of a referee’s main responsibilities is the safety of all players. You will be able to spot safety concerns quicker after completing this scruminar.
  • This will reduce front row injury risk (catastrophic injury or otherwise)
  • Self-protection: Are referees (unfairly) open to legal challenges if a player gets injured as a result of a scrummage accident? It is only a matter of time before a match official is brought before the courts for such an incident. The referee Scruminar provides you with extra assurances against legal action.
  • Referee observations and assessments: I do not have the experience of being a referee but from talking to referees and discussing the observation process with them, I am told the assessment process is a necessary but difficult part of the job. Having completed the referee specific Scrumiar you will have greater scrum knowledge and confidence during this process.
  • Should every referee not do this course? Should it be a standard module within the referring training courses?
  • Successful refs are now benefiting enormously from my Scruminars. So will you.

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