Rugby v MMA : I am competing in the Irish Open ADCC submission grappling tournament on May 1st 2016

I have competed in the MMA cage over a 2 year period. I have not competed in 2 years. This will be my 1st submission grappling event. Might as well be the Irish Nationals!!

We could be in a scrum above, it would be poor technique though. Not a bad position to execute a knee to my opponents ribs!!!!

Rugby V MMA : I have been asked many times

  • What it is like to compete in MMA?

  • How does it compare to Rugby?

  • What are the differences between the 2 sports?

  • Is MMA as barbaric as it looks?

  • Which is the toughest sport?

  • Which is the best sport?

  • What is the difference in training?

  • Which sport would I choose if I had to choose between the two?

I will answer these questions in my next post, but before I write it, are there any other questions anyone would like answered on this subject? I will try and answer them in the post.