Rugby V Wrestling

Rugby V Wrestling

I won the Irish Open ADCC submission wrestling (heavy weight Masters) championship at the weekend. My 1st wrestling competition. 3 matches, 3 wins, 2 submissions.


It was a very enjoyable event on Sunday last 1st May 2016 in the Tallaght community school, sports complex in Dublin. There were 6 weight classes -73kg, -76kg, -83kg, -90kg,-100kg and + 100kg. 2 sections, a. Adult -35 years old and b. masters = +35 years.

It was a really enjoyable competition. Nearly every Wrestling/Jujitzu/MMA club in Ireland was represented. What struck me most was the commradery between the competitors. Just like in rugby, every person was there to compete and win but there was no animosity what so ever before during or after the fights. There were literally hundreds of matches throughout the day and not one incident of foul play or uncontrolled aggression. Every competitor shook each others hands before every bout and with the referee. The same after.

That is the great thing about many contact sports. Because you need to get stuck in during the matches all that controlled aggression is used up and left on the field/mat. Because all taking part know what it takes to compete in contact sport  there is a natural respect between opponents. You don’t nessecerally need to like the opponent but you definitely do respect each other.

I can’t wait to do it again!!


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