Scrum analysis of top 4 teams RWC 2015. Part 1- Austrailia’s scrum

Key points on Australia’s scrum during RWC 2015

  • Consistent scrum process – same set up and process no matter who’s playing
  • Well drilled
  • All 8 scrummage on every ball
  • Lock start with both knees on ground, then the No.8 lifts them off the ground on bind call
  • On opposition ball they attack the opposition tighthead prop with their loosehead prop and hooker. Then their tight head follows through
  • Weight and power of scrum goes through hooker.
  • Scrummage very low
  • Looseheads tend to walk around the side on occasions
  • They hit and chase a lot on their own ball which is illegal but got away with it quite a bit in the world cup.
  • Talk to the ref constantly
  • Good body position – all 8

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