Scrum Analysis

This is a Rugby World Leading Service.

We provide game, opposition and scrum training analysis.

I have established a new innovative, world exclusive service in my ScrumDoctor scrum coaching business. Along with offering expert in-person scrum coaching at clubs I am now providing word class scrum analysis solutions to clubs, coaches and individual players.

Your team analysis person sends me scrum footage, I analysis it, I make a detailed feedback presentation on it and send it back within maximum 72hours. You can present it to the team, with or without the TheScrumDoctor brand involved. It can be sent to players or any individual you wish.

The Scrum Doctor is the 1st company to offer this new, simple but revolutionary service. There is no-one else world-wide doing this.
I have been working closely with a select few professional, semi-pro and amature teams the past season and it has been extremely successful. I have collaborated on this project with some of the best, high profile scrum coaches in world rugby.

I am now ready to offer my services to ambitious clubs who what to lead the way and WIN.

The Scrum Doctor can help you achieve this.

COFIDENTUALITY and DISCRESSION is Paramount to make it work. I do not discuss anything I am doing with any other teams/coaches/individuals. I am not interested in any other coaches’ job. This is my dream job. I am working as full time professional scrum coaches from home in the west of Ireland. Also, for family health reasons it is not possible for me to move to another location and this situation is not expected to change for many years.

This situation is what inspired me to come up with this new, world first, professional scrum analysis idea as I wanted to be professional coach but I cannot move from my current location for specific family health reasons.

If you are a quality coach with an ambitious club. I can give you an advantage over other coaches/clubs by providing world class scrum knowledge, expertise and mentoring to get your scrum dominating all opposition. Whatever you need I can provide. Great coaches are always looking to each other for advice and a different perspective.

I can provide this.

If you have scrum problems, I will provide the cure

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How much do world class scrum coaches get paid? 50/100/150K?
I can provide a world class scrum analysis service for a fraction of that cost.
I am currently working with professional teams, world renowned professional scrum coaches and front row players and many semi-pro and amature teams.

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