Scrum progression drills for inexperienced rugby players

THE following is a SCRUM DOCTOR scrum session with a number of inexperienced female adult rugby players.

The focus was on good “power position” (body posture for scrummaging) and working together within small units to hold the power position against live, moderate pressure.

Key points to performing these exercises

  • Keep constant pressure while performing these drills: as there can be a tendency for some players to just “fold in”) (“Fold in” means to switch off the core, stop pushing, easing off of pressure, not engaging)
  • You need to engage with a reasonable amount of force: (the aim is not to smash each other, it is not a bashing competition, but you need to exert enough force on engagement to make the drills realistic and to be able to get a good strong power position).
  • If you don’t engage with reasonable force your power position will be lost and the drills are pointless.
  • Each player needs to work with (not against) each other: to keep themselves up and in a good scrum position.
  • Hand off the ground: there may be a tendency for players to cheat and put a hand on the ground to balance them selves “watch out for this”.

You can see the player progression as the drills went on. The players had very little control of the power position in the early part of the session but with repetition we see good improvement.


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