ScrumDoctor Masterclass at Rugby Innovation Summit 2016

I am delighted to be presenting a scrum Masterclass at the Ruby Innovation Summit at the Twickenham Stoop on Tuesday 24th May. The summit is a 2 day event, May 24th and 25th.




How To Coach And Develop A Dominant, Safe And Explosive Scrummaging Unit

·         Understanding the fundamentals of scrummaging

·         How to identify, coach and safely develop front row forwards

·         Examining why scrums go wrong and how to rectify these in live game environments

·         Revealing the technical nuances to maximise power and enable total scrum dominance

Peter Bracken, Elite Scrum Coach, IRFU

There is an impressive line-up of speakers that I am looking forward to seeing. There will be a massive wealth of knowledge shared at the event by top rugby people so I would recommend all coaches, players, DOR’s, managers and supporters to come along. There is a great deal on offer for everyone.

The summit is organised by GameChanger Sports and this is the link with more information on the event:

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