SCRUMINAR – rugby scrum coaching course for coaches

Short picture compilation of my SCRUMINAR course (rugby scrum coaching course for coaches, coaching the coaches)

THE SCRUM DOCTOR- Peter Bracken – Scruminar- One Day Rugby Scrum Course – Coaching The Coaches + Players

Scruminars – (“Scrum Seminar”) Exclusive World First service – Worldwide service – Full 1-Day course – or 2 evenings

Short video/picture compilation of the SCRUMINAR course

Designed for: all teams of all levels, men, women, underage, school, amateur and semi-pro rugby clubs/teams. It is designed for the betterment of the club as a whole not just one particular team.

Aim: The Scruminar’s aim is to Build a Scrum Culture and Scrum Legacy within an entire club, coach the coaches to become better, safer and effective scrum coaches, improve individual players scrummaging knowledge, skills and ability and develop a dominant scrum

90% of the course is practical, hands on education and coaching.

Objectives: At the end of the Scruminar

  1. A Scrum Culture will be formed within the entire club
  2. Each team will have developed a dominant scrum
  3. All players will be able scrummage more effectively and safely,
  4. All coaches will be able to coach the scrum more effectively and safely,
  5. All participants will know the importance of the scrum
  6. It will end the fear of parents with regards their kids playing in the front row


Some Benefits of the SCRUMINARS

  • World Exclusive: Only specific rugby scrum coaching course in the world
  • It Builds a Scrum Culture and Scrum Legacy within an entire club
  • The Scruminars will build an Argentinian/Leicester Tigers type attitude to the scrum
  • It means that it is not just a handful of props or a coach, trying to convince others to put time and effort and pride into the scrum.
  • World class trainer – Ex-Ireland and Barbarians international player/prop – Peter Bracken
  • European Cup Winner – Wasps
  • 6 Nations Grand Slam winning scrum coach
  • Elite-IRFU qualified scrum coach, mentor and tutor
  • Coaches: will gain the knowledge, skills, tips and techniques of a world leading scrum coach
  • I will impart my 32 years of scrum knowledge to all coaches and players involved in the day
  • At the end of the one-day seminar coaches will have a unique scrum coaching certificate
  • Coaches will gain the confidence to coach the scrum in a safe and effective manner
  • If you are a quality coach with an ambitious club, I can give you an advantage over other coaches by providing, in this SCRUMINAR, world class scrum knowledge, expertise and mentoring to get your scrum dominating all opposition
  • Your team will have a massive scrum advantage over your opponents.
  • More WINS: Each team involved in the Scruminar day will gain a much improved scrum, which will produce better quality ball which will result in more try’s, wins and trophies.
  • Safety: Your players may be at risk from serious injury by not having proper scrum coaching.
  • Your club may be liable for these injuries. This can be prevented with the services of a top class scrum coach
  • Clubs have a duty of care to their players – Are clubs truly providing this care if they are not providing quality scrum coaching from qualified coaches, or worse still not providing any scrum coaching or providing inadequate scrum coaching? The SCRUMINARS solve this problem.
  • Protection: Are clubs open to legal challenges if they do not provide quality scrum coaching and a player gets injured as a result of a scrummage accident? It is only a matter of time before a club is brought before the courts for such an incident. The ScrumDoctor Scruminar provides clubs with extra assurances against legal action.
  • Performance – Players will receive the latest, up to date, expert knowledge and skills to dominate all scrum opposition
  • Clubs/Teams: Your rugby team cannot afford to have a weak scrum. Each team who completes a SCRUMINAR will have a pack able to use the scrum as a weapon to win games.
  • Players will receive personal scrummaging feedback. It is a fantastic opportunity for an ambitious player.
  • Advantages: If your opposition teams are employing my services, your team will have scrum troubles. You will be at a massive disadvantage. This can be prevented by using my services.
  • Successful: teams are now benefiting enormously from my Scruminars. So will your team.
  • Scrum Culture: everyone in the club will absolutely know how important the scrum is
  • Legacy: After the Scruminar day all players and coaches will take massive pride in the scrum and really want to and work towards having a completely dominant scrum in every game.


ScrumDoctor Values: Quick fixes are fine temporarily and I can do that, but I am more interested in building a “Scrum Legacy” which will carry on after I leave.

Recommendations: This is why I recommend the Scruminar to all clubs. I normally do top-up scrum sessions from time to time afterwards, maybe once or twice a year.

Up to 73 players/coaches trained: I can scrum coach from 10 to 25 coaches on the day and simultaneously coach 6 packs of forwards. That’s up to a possible 73 people trained up in one day. This is not always possible to get 6 packs involved for a full day but I do need one pack on site at all times.

Club combination – If there are enough coaches to run a scruminar at an individual club/school we can do this. The majority of the time clubs/schools come together for a combined scruminar. The idea is to organise a host club who enrol their coaches on the scruminar and then invite coaches from nearby clubs and schools to attend. The advantage to the host club is that their players get world class scrum coaching within the practical elements of the course. The course works well with using underage players in the first 2 modules and then adult players in modules 3 and 4 but the course is designed for all team on all modules.

All members invited: I always invite every member of the host club to attend so as to be part of the “Scrum Culture” change and also to spread the scrum knowledge and skills I will be teaching throughout the entire club. Although I can only work with the specified coaches on the course.





Peter Bracken – ScrumDoctor – Scruminar- One Day Rugby Scrum Course – Coaching The Coaches + Players


  • 7 hours on site rugby scrum coaching course



Introduction / Scrum Mentality                                                                                          30 minutes

  • Power position – individual                                                                                       30 min
  • Coaches Assessments – coaching + group feedback                                             30 min
  • Break                                                                                                                               15 min
  • Scrum Set-Up                                                                                                                60 min
  • Coaches Assessment – coaching + group feedback                                                45 min


  • Break                                                                                                                               30 min
  • Engagement and scrummaging                                                                                45 min
  • Coaches Assessment                                                                                                    45 min
  • Alternative session for coaches                                                                                 15 min
  • Break                                                                                                                              15 min
  • Binds / angles / scrum tactics                                                                                   30 min
  • Assessment Quiz                                                                                                          15 min
  • Summary, Questions, Feedback, thank you 15 min
  • Total Time                                                                                                          7 hours


Scruminar info


  • Participants: minimum 10 coaches
  • : maximum 25 coaches (for quality purposes)
  •                      : minimum 1 x forward pack
  • : maximum 6 x forward packs
  • Extra front row players are recommended if possible
  • It is recommended each coach has his/her own forward pack for the day. This may not be possible but we will need 1 pack at a minimum at all times
  • The Scruminar is suitable for both men, women and underage teams.
  • The Scruminar will be ran in one day over weekends or alternatively over two consecutive evenings midweek.
  • Weekends example: one full day……….                                                             10 am to 5 pm  
  • Midweek example: each evening………..                                                            6.30 pm to 10 pm


Scruminar details:

  • The course is designed to improve players scrummaging ability and also the coaches scrum coaching ability so the following details are for both players and coaches but for simplicity I have just mentioned coaches below.
  • Module 1 – The course starts with a module about mental attitude needed at scrum time.
  • The first pitch session teaches individual set up and technique, followed by a practical coaching assessment.
  • Module 2 – The second pitch session incorporates the complete build-up of a scrum, followed by a practical coaching assessment. This forms the technical knowledge base of the course. The more a coach knows about the technical and tactical aspects of a scrum, the better coach he/she will be. It is important that coaches get the sense of what a scrum is all about from a player’s point of view, (physically and mentally) especially if they have never played in the front row or the pack.
  • During this module the coaches coach the scrum. This hands on scrum coaching experience is designed to aid learning.
  • Each coach will be continually given scrum feedback from myself and their peers
  • Module 3 – The third pitch session focuses on the scrum engagement and live scrummaging followed by a practical coaching assessment.
  • Each coach will have an opportunity to coach live in-session scrums.
  • Feedback from myself and peers will be given.
  • There is a large element of peer coaching along with my scrum coaching, during the Scruminar, to increase learning
  • Module 4 – The fourth pitch session focuses on binds, angles of scrummaging and scrum tactics, followed by a discussion and Q + A.
  • We will finish with a final (FUN) assessment and Q + A forum.


Testimonials from some past participants on the course

 “I participated as a coach on THE SCRUM DOCTOR scruminar course held in Castlebar RFC. The scrum knowledge I gained from the day was exceptional. I could do the course over and over again as the amount of information Peter gave was phenomenal. As a forward’s coach it has helped my scrum coaching in a big way. As a former front row player it showed me how much the scrum has advanced in recent times. Coaching at underage level, safety is also a big concern. With the safe scrummaging techniques Peter introduced to the participants this will make the scrum safer for all our players throughout the entire club”.

Patrick Durcan, President Castlebar RFC and U18 team coach


“As a CDO with the Connacht branch and as a coach with Westport RFC I find one of our greatest challenges is to instil correct, safe scrum knowledge and skill into our underage coaches and players because the scrum is such a technical area of the game. It is something we are working hard on within Connacht Rugby and Westport RFC with the ultimate aim of making the scrum safer for young players and eventually produce top quality local front row players for the club and province. There is also an understandable reluctance of parent to allow their children to play in the front row. With the help of Peter and his scruminar course we now have a number of knowledgeable coaches who can coach the scrum in a safe way which has done a lot for our club too relieve parents fears. Parents are most definitely more inclined to allow their kids play in the front row knowing they are being coached by coaches who have done THE SCRUM DOCTOR scruminar course.”


JP Walsh, Connacht CDO, Westport 1st team coach


Rugby is my son Arron’s life and it is his dream to be a professional rugby player. He has played mostly in the back row but the advice he has been given is the best chance he has to play at the highest level is to play prop. So I started looking for a scrum coach to work with Arron. I found Peter and it has been a fantastic decision. Arron says he learned a phenomenal amount from Peter even in the first few minutes of being coached by him. Arron was a relative novice to the front row but within a few weeks he was on the select Munster development academy as a front row player. His technical knowledge, skill and ability has grown exponentially with Peter’s help. We also use Peter’s scrum analysis service to monitor Arron’s progress and make improvements away from the field. Geographical and time constraints and school commitments etc. don’t allow Arron to meet Peter every week but the individual player scrum analysis done on Arron’s match footage keeps the progression going. Arron knows himself he would not be the prop he is today without Peter’s coaching and mentoring. Arron has just made the Munster U18 squad this season while only just turning 16 years of age. He started last week V Leinster and scrummaged really well.

As a separate point Ennis RFC, who Arron plays with, as a whole have benefited enormously from the scruminar he did with the club. We how have group of coaches throughout the club from underage right the way up to senior level with the ability to coach the scrum safely and effectively which was not the case before the scruminar. We will be using THE SCRUM DOCTOR services for many years to come.

David Hennessy- Parent of Arron Hennessy-Ennis RFC-Ireland


Short video/picture compilation of the SCRUMINAR course









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