South African Rugby System Needs To Change

Ireland played well at the weekend but it does seem from my point of view that the structure at the moment in SA rugby is to blame for the SA under performance.


The higher structure of SARU is very complicated with a great deal of people with power but there is no responsibility or accountability.

As an executive coach (my other life outside rugby scrum coaching) I see every day. Being a complicated system it is set up to keep the powers that be in power without any accountability. That’s what complicated systems are designed to do.


Unlike the New Zealand system where it is simple, there is one top man whose job is to better the state of rugby in NZ and he is judged and lives and dies by his ability to do this. Plus, it is a one-year term job which changes every year.


It seems to me that the various stakeholders in South African rugby are in it for themselves and the national interest of the Springbok team being as good as it can be being very much secondary.


I don’t believe it is the players or the coaches fault that SA rugby is behind what is acceptable SA standards but the fault of a flawed system, process and structure. There is a production line of very good players and coaches in SA.

It is too late to make the changes needed before the weekend to stop Ireland winning their first series on South African soil. Ireland’s players and coaches are too good to let it slip!

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