Podcast – S+C and how it relates to scrummaging

S+C and how it relates to scrummaging! I discuss the dark arts of the Front Row with Renegade Rugby.  The art of scrummaging. TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE: My playing career Whats the No1 priority for Scrummaging What are the physical … Read More

Live Scrum by Silver Fern scrum machine demonstration – UK Tour – 2016

THE SCRUM DOCTOR – Live Scrum machine demo – UK Tour 2016 I will be demonstrating this Live Scrum by Silver Fern new, state of the art scrum simulator machine at the following venues on the following dates and times … Read More

10 ways to develop creative young players – all sports

10 ways to develop creative young players – all sports           Let them play Develop players who are self aware Play athletes in a range of positions Plan sessions where players must problem solve on their own … Read More

6 ScrumDoctor Services

1. Scruminar   2. Referee Scruminar   3. Scrum Training Session   4. Scrum Analysis   5. Scrum Video Series   6. Scrum Consultancy Service ScrumDoctor – Peter Bracken – Specialised Rugby Scrum Consultant – Performance and Safety   If … Read More

Best Scrum Machine Ever!!

Looking forward to teaming up with Silver Fern Sports on their Ireland and UK tour In late August/September 2016. If you want a FREE scrum coaching session please contact me on the contact page of this website Check out this … Read More

Short video clip – What is the ScrumDoctor all about?

Scrum Consultancy Scruminars Scrum Coaching Referee Scruminars Scrum Video Series – how to build a dominant scrum Scrum Analysis

Podcast: ScrumDoctor preview of Ireland V Scotland 6 nations 2016 Ireland V Scotland 6 nations 2016 Preview Big test for Ireland V Scotland on the final weekend of 6 nations 2016. 2 teams coming off two excellent performances last week Scotland thriving with their new open style of winning … Read More

How to scrummage as a hooker

How to scrummage as a hooker. Even in modern rugby the hooker still has to strike for the ball and do this when he/she is under pressure from the opposition hooker and Tighthead (right-hand prop). You aslo need to know … Read More

Scrum analysis of amateur team

How to create a dominant scrum with expert scrum coaching and scrum analysis.

Scrum Seminar

A high performing team needs to be like a family? I don’t agree.

A lot of clubs/companies talk about their teams being a family. A working high performance team is not a family. Comparing a team or a company to a family belittles what a family is. A family should be far more … Read More

Healthy players (physically and mentally) / Work on your strengths!!!

Teams need to be physically and mentally happy and healthy Each team member needs to eat healthy and exercise to perform best in all aspects of life. Teams should have a coach to help them holistically in their whole life … Read More

Team bonding

Team bonding is very important. The happiest Team with members who know each other the best are the most successful. FUN should be encouraged. Craic, humour, laughing, joking, while being professional at all times, are essential. The most successful teams … Read More

Team Culture

Culture is the most important element in a Team. It should be a high performance culture. This culture should be in the Team/organisation all the time, day in day out, in everything everyone does. It should not be just talk. … Read More

Train hard, Play hard, Rest hard

Teams need to train hard, work hard, play hard and recuperate hard to perform best. For teams to perform at their best more consistently for longer they need to work at high intensity with high quality. But, you cannot sustain … Read More