Scrum analysis of top 4 teams RWC 2015. Part 1- Austrailia’s scrum

Key points on Australia’s scrum during RWC 2015 Consistent scrum process – same set up and process no matter who’s playing Well drilled All 8 scrummage on every ball Lock start with both knees on ground, then the No.8 lifts … Read More

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Six reasons why rugby players make good employees

Unfortunately, most rugby players aren’t going to be able to make the step up to professional rugby, and therefore will have to find another way of making a living. However, just because these rugby players never quite made it to … Read More

Team bonding

Team bonding is very important. The happiest Team with members who know each other the best are the most successful. FUN should be encouraged. Craic, humour, laughing, joking, while being professional at all times, are essential. The most successful teams … Read More

Train hard, Play hard, Rest hard

Teams need to train hard, work hard, play hard and recuperate hard to perform best. For teams to perform at their best more consistently for longer they need to work at high intensity with high quality. But, you cannot sustain … Read More