Train hard, Play hard, Rest hard

Teams need to train hard, work hard, play hard and recuperate hard to perform best. For teams to perform at their best more consistently for longer they need to work at high intensity with high quality. But, you cannot sustain this for long periods of time as burnout is inevitable. So, to keep high performance you need lots of rest. The most successful teams I played with trained and played at the highest intensity for the shortest period of time and had the most down time and rest days. This resulted in high quality for an entire season without a dip in performance at the end due to fatigue. We peaked at the end of the season when the trophies are handed out. The least well performing teams I played with trained for the longest time at lower intensity and had the least rest days and days off. I believe team members/workers should work hard and efficiently with high quality but not be expected to do this all day every day. I am not sure working more than 40 hours a week leads to better performance as the longer hours you put in effects the quality of this work. People need ample time to rest and reflect which leads to innovation. It keeps people refreshed, invigorated and motivated. Teams need to set Goals and peak at the right times.

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