Vunipola (loosehead prop-England) V Slimani (tighthead prop-France)

Vunipola V Slimani

ScrumDoctor – Analysis of the scrum battle between England loosehead prop Mako Vunipola and France tighthead prop Radah Slimani in the 2014 and 2016 6 nations games.

Mako VunipolaScrumDoctor-Radadh-Slimani-scrum-image

Key points to note

– It was the same referee in both games, Nigel Owens, Wales.
– Slimani illegally dropped the scrum using the same technique 6 times in both games. 4 times in 2014 and twice in 2016
– Vunipola was wrongly penalised 4 times in all
– Slimani was only correctly penalised once
– The other time the scrum was re-set
– Slimani continues to use this illegal technique but rarely gets penalised for it, in fact, 80% of the time his opposition prop gets wrongly penalised.
– It is almost impossible to spot this subtle illegal adjustment by Slimani, unless you have an expert trained scrummaging eye.
– This is not the referees fault, on the BBC commentary for the 2014 6 nations game, Brian Moore, ex-England and British Lions hooker did not spot Slimani’s manoeuver, in fact Brian thought the calls were correct.
– If an ex-international front row hooker can’t spot the infringement with the aid of a television replay then how can any referee or touch judge be expected to do so in real time.
– This decision cost England the game in 2014 as France kicked a penalty (3 points) directly from one of these scrums. England lost by 2 points in the end

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